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Are Acorn Stairlifts Complaints Really Frequent? Acorn Vs. Stannah Stairlifts Comparison

Are Acorn Stairlifts Complaints Really Frequent? Acorn Vs. Stannah Stairlifts Comparison

Before purchasing any kind of stairlift, it is imperative to do your due diligence. Especially since your mobility and access to your entire home depends on the quality of your stairlift.

Acorn Stairlifts has recently experienced a bout of rapid growth in popularity inside the US. However, also the popularity of the search term "acorn stair lift complaints" has been high.

Might it be because Acorn stair lifts offer inferior quality product?

Let's take a closer look into this interesting questions by pulling some more data.

Grabbing the search term popularity terms to determine people's satisfaction is a rudimentary method at best. It has shown much correlation with the other data in the financial industry. It should nevertheless be taken with a grain of salt. Our findings focuses on the overall volume of Acorn stairlift searches, on its growth over the past few years, and on the number of "complaint" searches in the recent months.

Acorn Vs. Stannah Stairlifts Search Volume

Looking at the overall volume of searches for "Acorn Stairlifts", we notice that the search popularity of Acorn is about 7 times higher than that of "Stannah Stairlifts", their competitor. These are both UK companies with significant presence in the USA.

The Popularity Growth Of Acorn And Stannah

Looking further into the time graph of the "Acorn Stairlifts" search term and the "Stannah Stairlifts" search term, we notice that Acorn popularity is gaining ground as compared to Stannah. The popularity of Acorn was 3 times higher in 2008 than that of Stannah. It was about six times as popular in 2011. This testifies about the tremendous marketing push of Acorn over the past few years. But does that cause more Acorn stairlifts complaints?
Not only does Acorn sport a higher volume of searches for "Acorn stairlifts", but that volume has consistently been growing over the past 3 to 4 years. No such noticable growth is apparent for the term "Stannah stairlifts".

Exploring "Complaint" Search Terms

Surprisingly, the ratio of search volume of the term "acorn stairlifts complaints" and "acorn stairlifts reviews" turns out to be about the same as the ratio of the search volume of the term "stannah stairlifts complaints" and "stannah stairlifts review", at least within the statistical error.

This means that, if there is a perception that Acorn stairlifts generate more complaints, or suspicion, this is simply not true, when these keyword volumes are compared with the more neutral "review" keywords.

This little exercise shows that sometimes, a perception is just not validated with the facts. Of course, the internet search volume numbers are not a true representation of the events taking place, but can be a good indicator, or at least a starting point. With the results presented, there is no indication that Acorn stairlifts are more prone to complaints than Stannah, or vice versa.

Explore the page Acorn Stairlifts Complaints for more information on Acorn Stair Lifts or the Stannah Stairlifts page for info on Stannah models that you can install.

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