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Heavy Duty Stairlifts Or Bariatric Stairlifts, How They Are Different

Heavy duty stairlifts or bariatric stairlifts are designed to carry a person up to 500 lbs. heavy, thus the name heavy duty stairlifts or also bariatric stairlifts.

You will find here some important differences between heavy duty bariatric stairlifts and regular duty stairlifts, in terms of design.

Compared to the alternative solutions such as through-the-floor-elevators, bariatric stairlifts are still considered the most economic alternative.

Point 1, The Enforced Construction Of Heavy Duty Bariatric Stairlifts

From the electric engine, to the rails, seats, and other components, they must all be made stronger and larger in bariatric stairlifts.

Point 2, Why Some Bariatric Stair Lifts Will Have You Look Down During The Ride

While a standard stairlift will have you face sidewise during the ride, many bariatric stairlifts will have you face down the stairs. This is to minimize the forces on the rail.

How so? Well, when you sit facing down, you will be sitting right above the rail, and there will be no net force either to the left or to the right, trying to twist the rail.

Point 3, Getting Off Using The 180 Degree Swivel Chair

The 180 degree swivel chair is designed to make it easy to get off the stairlift at the upper station. The swivel chair will simply turn you from the position facing down, to the position facing up, where you will easily be able to get of the chair.

Where To Look For Heavy Duty Bariatric Stairlifts?

Just a few years ago you would have to call manufacturers or dealers to see if they carry bariatric, heavy duty stairlifts. Today, they are just one click away available on Amazon.

Find out more about heavy duty bariatric stair lifts here:

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