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2 Sterling Stairlift Models To Give You Back Access

Sterling Stairlift
Two Sterling Stairlift Models That Will Give Back Access To All Floors In Your Home

The baby boomers, innovative and ready to try new things, turn to technology to help themselves out. The home stair lifts technology is one of the simple technologies that allows baby boomers to stay in their homes, and enjoy full access to all floors in the home, even though they have become hard of walking, and especially hard of climbing and descending the stairs in their house. They don't mind sitting in the chair lift for a minute if it takes them where they want to go effortlessly.

A Pennsylvania, USA, based Sterling provides a range of products, stair lifts which fill the need of baby boomers. Sterling stairlifts allow people who have a hard time walking upstairs and downstairs, to regain their mobility.

We researched here two most popular Sterling stairlifts that you can employ in your home. When you read all about them, you will be better prepared to decide which stairlift might be best for your home. The improved quality of life can't be far behind.

We examine here the Sterling 1000 and the Sterling 950 stairlifts.

Sterling 950 Stairlift

Sterling 950 is an entry level straight stairs chair lift that won't break a bank. With the minimal add-ons, and its slim rail and slim, fold up seat design, it will be unobtrusive yet useful in your house. You will find this Sterling chair lift easy and safe to operate and maintain.
When you definitely don't want to run out of your money by buying a stairlift, then take a look at Sterling 950. An entry-level model features few extras, but has a slim rail that will fit anywhere. Also, the collapsible chair will take up little room stoved away. The Sterling 950 will be safe, economical, and unintrusive.

The Sterling Stairlift 1000

The Sterling 1000 is a major upgrade to Sterling 950. It comes with extras such as optional half-size chair, perch chair, or Luxurious seat and power swivel chair. These will serve you well even if your disability is making it difficult for you to sit, stand up from a chair. Likewise, if your stairs are narrow, the Sterling Stairlift 1000 with a perch chair might still fit.

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