Friday, September 28

Best Acorn Chair Lift For Your Home

Finding The Best Acorn Chair Lift

When your mobility has become reduced and you also require a strategy to eliminate the threat of slips when taking the stairs inside your home, you want to have a look at a chair lift for the stairs. Using a chair lift you'll be able to ascend and descend stairs easily.

Acorn chair lift models ooze great visual design, safety, and ease of use. Within this article we will review 2 Acorn designs which you could pick from.

The 2 options discussed here are Acorn Superglide 120 and Acorn Superglide 80.

Acorn Superglide 120

You'll be protected in Superglide 120, the Acorn's straight chairlift. The many safety sensors will help make your ride easy, and the built-in battery will make certain you do not get stuck in case of an electric power outage.

Moreover, the audio-visual codes exhibited will also provide you with first alerts for things you will need to complete to keep your voyages protected.

Acorn Superglide 80

Superglide 80 is the Acorn that will be fitted on bent stairs, perhaps on the spiral staircases. It has all state-of-the art safety features of the Superglide 120.

Additionally, the modular curved rail design which is being implemented these days, makes the Acorn 80 a lot less expensive that it might have been merely a couple of years ago.

Which choice is correct for you personally? That's your job to decide. To find many more Acorn models and to discover Acorn retailers inside your area, you'll be able to visit this site:

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