Saturday, February 11

Heavy Duty Stairlifts Or Bariatric Stairlifts, How They Are Different

Heavy duty stairlifts or bariatric stairlifts are designed to carry a person up to 500 lbs. heavy, thus the name heavy duty stairlifts or also bariatric stairlifts.

You will find here some important differences between heavy duty bariatric stairlifts and regular duty stairlifts, in terms of design.

Compared to the alternative solutions such as through-the-floor-elevators, bariatric stairlifts are still considered the most economic alternative.

Point 1, The Enforced Construction Of Heavy Duty Bariatric Stairlifts

From the electric engine, to the rails, seats, and other components, they must all be made stronger and larger in bariatric stairlifts.

Point 2, Why Some Bariatric Stair Lifts Will Have You Look Down During The Ride

While a standard stairlift will have you face sidewise during the ride, many bariatric stairlifts will have you face down the stairs. This is to minimize the forces on the rail.

How so? Well, when you sit facing down, you will be sitting right above the rail, and there will be no net force either to the left or to the right, trying to twist the rail.

Point 3, Getting Off Using The 180 Degree Swivel Chair

The 180 degree swivel chair is designed to make it easy to get off the stairlift at the upper station. The swivel chair will simply turn you from the position facing down, to the position facing up, where you will easily be able to get of the chair.

Where To Look For Heavy Duty Bariatric Stairlifts?

Just a few years ago you would have to call manufacturers or dealers to see if they carry bariatric, heavy duty stairlifts. Today, they are just one click away available on Amazon.

Find out more about heavy duty bariatric stair lifts here:

Thursday, February 9

Curved Stair Lift Prices And Secret To Finding A Great Stair Lift Price

Having a stairlift in your home can mean a difference between using your home fully, and being severely restricted, when you have a walking disability.

Let's say that your are financially challenged. Does it then make sense to look into purchasing a used stair lift?

Getting A Used Stairlift. How Can It Make Sense?

As far as stairlift abuse, keep in mind that riding a stairlift is usually a smooth ride, very predictable. Much unlike riding a mobility scooter outdoors, for example.

Furthermore, the electric motors that run stairlifts are not prone to malfunction easily. They are long lasting and have simple designs.

Indeed, stairlift batteries, not anything else, are the most common reason for malfunctioning stairlifts.

The internet is full of stories of children purchasing stairlifts for their parents, just to see parents pass on soon thereafter. These children are in search of someone who would buy their stairlift.

For all the above reasons, looking for a well maintained, well functioning used stairlift makes sense. Where can you find such stairlifts?

Finding Usable, Refurbished, Used Stair Lifts In Great Shape

You might think the first place to look for well-maintained used stairlifts would be Ebay or Craigslist. But, there are downsides to buying directly from the stairlift owner:

How can you go about installing the stairlift at your home?

How can you verify that the stairlift works as well as advertised?

Are you confident that you or someone you trust can install a stairlift for you?

And even if the installation goes swimmingly, who do you go to if the stairlift malfunctions down the road?

You can remove your concerns, and still get a great price buying a used stairlift if you follow our suggestion:

Secret Of How To Get A Great Price And Have A Worry Free Install Of A Used Stairlift?

How? It is simple... Buy a used stairlift from a dealer! They usually have many used stairlifts available, as they often will purchase back from their own customers.

To remove your worries about used stairlifts, they will be thorougly inspected, refurbished, and given some warranty too when you buy them from a dealer.

That way you can put to rest any worries about fitness of the used stairlift for your needs. It is like buying a stairlift and an insurance at the same time.

Stairlift Dealers Close To You, How Do You Find Them?

If you look on Ebay or Craigslist, you will find stairlift dealers there, selling their surplus equipment. Or, you could look into online ads, or even local yellow pages.

Now that you know how to buy a used stairlift, go check some straight stairlifts and curved stair lifts for disabled. Or, if the person needing a stairlift is over 300 lbs, check out the bariatric stairlifts.

Different Alternatives To Stair Lifts For The Elderly And Handicapped

Are you having a hard time climbing the stairs? But walking on one floor you can manage well? There is a stairlift solution for you if you live in a multi-story condo or house.

People with pain in their knees, or weak knees in general, will find it useful to employ a stairlift in their home.

You might appreciate the stair lift better if you first look into all the alternatives to a stair lift.

Below you will find four alternatives to a stair lift for disabled. Depending on the exact disability you have, and your housing situation, one or the other may be better suited for you.

Alternative 1: Selling Your House And Moving Into A Bungalow Type Home

Normally the first solution to think of, selling your house and moving into a bungalow type home, is not favored today as many folks are underwater on their homes. It is not easy to get credit for a new home either.

The downsides of this option of selling your house and moving are: moving costs, selling costs, buying costs, as well as cash flow considerations.

An alternative to moving would be to transfer all essential spaces of the home to a single floor. Which should include a laundry room, a garage, among other, usual, spaces.

Alterhative 2: Standing Stair Lifts And Perching Stair Lifts

For stairs that are very narrow, compared to the width of the seat rest plus the length of your upper leg, your best option might be to get a perching stair lift. That is, if you feel comfortable standing/perching throughout the entire ride up.

Standing and perching stairlifts will take up very little space on narrow stairs. They can still be safe when you use a seatbelt and a hand rail.

Alterhative 3: Through The Floor Elevator Options

The most important thing with Through The Floor Elevator is to place it right for both upper and lower floor floorplans. When done correctly, it will be easy to transport either a person, or a person in a wheelchair.

The advantage of through the floor elevator is that you don't need to leave your wheelchair or mobile scooter behind, but, instead, just drive into the elevator, and drive out on the other floor.

Alternative 4: Inclined Platform Lift Option

You can take your wheelchair, mobility wheelchair, mobility scooter with you when you have installed inclined platform lift option on your stairs.

So, considering the advantages and disadvantages of each of the above options, does a stair chair lift win out? Or maybe not?

Stair Lifts For Disabled will provide more information about handicapped stair lifts. If you're on a budget, this page should help: Used Stair Lifts For Sale.